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safetyoffthegun's Journal

Eliot Spencer
5 May
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  • safetyoffthegun@livejournal.com
RP Journal for Eliot Spencer of TNT's Leverage.
Mun and muse are over 18.

Supernatural 'verse -- The Leverage crew takes a job that ends up pitting them against demons. They end up crossing paths with one Bobby Singer, and things end up working out with everyone going home in one piece. After that job, they'd expanded their scope a bit; a crash-course on demons, and they'd started going after the ones that most Hunters couldn't touch. They did the jobs that required specialized skills, a knowledge of more than just the world's most intuitive point-and-click interface and The Lord's Prayer in Latin. They were also the jobs that came with... alternative revenue streams. Leverage and Associates was quite possibly the first hunter group to actually make money saving people.

Fallen Angel 'verse -- Eliot is a fallen angel. His grace is all but dried up, but now he's working for Nate as part of Leverage and Associates, having turned his back on the God that cast him down, and his brothers and sisters. He's still something a little bit more than human, and there are some things you can never really walk away from -- like family.
Verse vaguely inspired by this fic and this one.